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Why choose GMS for Debt Recovery?

Debt recovery and collection ensures your business has a healthy cash flow.

At GMS it is our business to understand the nature of our clients core values and business objectives.  In doing so we can offer sustainable working solutions that don’t reflect adversely on your brand, or the image that you want to represent.  Our collections techniques are ethical and above all professional and transparent at every stage of the process.  

We have all been in the situation where both short and long term customers, default into the above credit terms offered through your services provided.  How do you then approach this subject with them? 

From our experience the majority of SME, B2B, commercial and consumer creditors, believe that the only option available to them is to instruct a Solicitor, with up front charges and hourly fees, that increases your business / personnel exposure before you have seen any return on your debt placed.  

At GMS we offer a “no collection no fee” solution, so all of the pre-trace / litigation work is done up front at our cost.  It is our commitment to working your case from the date of instruction, right the way through to an amicable resolution for all parties concerned. 

In trusting GMS with your customers debts, you are assured that we have a proven track record in collections, but also an underling commitment to resolving your placements in a cost effective manner.

If you require any testimonials from existing clients, they will be available upon request.
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